lOllO is one of Freiburg’s most famous restaurants. Situated in the trendy neighbourhood of Wiehre, lOllO offers their own fresh, vibrant flair to traditional dishes using regional ingredients. The restaurant is a cafe, dining pub and a well established home to the local Freiburg food scene. The interiors of the restaurant are internationally inspired but kept minimal to focus on quality and originality. 

The rebranding focuses on the essence of the restaurants core concepts – minimal, clean and fresh. The logo has been reduced to lines and circles, which when animated allows for the logo to evolve into more playful design elements like foodie emojis for a lighter tone (especially when bring the brand onto social media platforms), this in combination with the lOllO manifesto, gives the restaurant a playful tone and allows for the brand to move with seasons and events.


Together with photographer Britt Schilling, we implemented a visual language that equally transfers the shapes of the logo as well as the freshness and quality of the plate dishes. The website, stationery, menu’s as well as the merchandising carry lOllO with ease and consistency from the Freiburg suburb of Wiehre out into the world.

Because it’s always lOllO O’clock! 

Project was completed whilst I was under the employ of Feykaherr, Freiburg im Breisgau.

Photography by Britt Schilling.


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