Kakau Hot Chocolate

Kakau produces a low-run, environmentally conscious chocolate where the cocoa beans have been hand grown in Mexico. The beans were nurtured following traditional Mayan techniques before being exported to New Zealand where they offer New Zealander’s an oppertunity to enjoy authentic chocolate, which has been traditionally crafted and hand made from the comfort of their own homes.

This project is a student project and was completed whilst I was attending Media Design School.
 Kakau wanted a design language that would emphasis the integrity of the product and thus reflect the traditional Mayan craftsmanship. They also wanted a product that would appeal to the high-end New Zealand market. This was achieved by using traditional Mayan illustrative techniques within the design of the logo and package. The illustrative language is hand-crafted to instil the integrity of the product and to emphasise the exclusivity to appeal to the target market.


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