Woodside Orchard is located on Auckland’s eco-friendly Waiheke Island. This intimate and charming orchard focuses equally on the production of their boutique cider ‘Pomona Harvest’ and their use as a beautiful wedding venue. The orchard also offers cider tasting and orchard tours.

The Brief
This project is a student project and was completed whilst I was attending Media Design School.
Woodside Orchard approached us to design their brand with the same careful consideration that they applied to their product. They wanted a warm, welcoming brand that promised quality in the craft and instilled trust with their consumers.

The target demographic is those in the market for a wedding venue or who are interested in the rustic artisan ciders. The design of the stationary set to go alongside the orchard merchandise is elegant and feminine, yet homely and comforting to appeal to the target market and to reinforce the home-crafted concept.

Pomona Harvest is Woodside Orchard’s limited edition cider. The name ‘Pomona’ was chosen after the Roman goddess of fruitful abundance. There are three different flavours, all of which are made from fruits grown at the orchard. The label is hand-stitched from fabric to give a hand-crafted, limited run, boutique feel.

Mock Client – Woodside Orchard and Pamona Harvest Cider
Studio – Media Design School, Auckland New Zealand