Base Camp is situated in Kawakawa Bay, Taupo – one of the New Zealand’s most exciting and recognised rock climbing crags.
The retreat is aimed at travellers and locals who enjoy the thrill and excitement of the New Zealand outdoors. Base Camp offers a fun, exciting place to stay where the guests were invited to rock climb, hike around the surrounds, rejuvenate and generally soak up the atmosphere.

The Brief
This project is a student project and was completed whilst I was attending Media Design School.
Base Camp was after a brand identity that would reflect the raw simplicity of the retreat. They wanted to target people who are interested in the outdoors and nature. This was achieved by stripping back the design to the very basics where quality and craft became paramount.

As part of the initial launch of the retreat, the first 50 guests staying at Base Camp were to receive a Climbing Survival Guide containing essential climbing tools along with the area’s climbing guide. The components of the guide are designed to exude a timeless, boutique vibe. The guide explores the climbing crags in the area, provides access instructions to the walls and states individual grades of the climbs. The climbing guide also supplies a brief history of the Kawakawa Bay area and important information on Base Camp. The guide is filled with useful information about general safety and climbing in New Zealand.

Mock Client – Base Camp Rock Climbing Retreat
Studio – Media Design School, Auckland New Zealand