Backyard Cooking is a recipe book designed to bring excitement into camp food. All the recipes are purposefully simple, and the food easily sourced while on a camping holiday.

The Brief
This project is a student project and was completed whilst I was attending Media Design School.
Backyard Cooking approached us for a design that would resonate with the more outdoorsy demographic. They wanted a book that was going to be practical in design, while also instilling a very laid-back, relatable vibe which would relate to the demographic. This was achieved by creating a book that had a very clean grid, making the content clear and easy to follow. The typography has a hand-drawn feel, while the use of imagery is soft and rustic to reflect the timeless camping vibe. The book contains a section on different campsites and their adjacent farmer’s markets so travellers who aren’t familiar with the area can also enjoy local New Zealand produce.

Mock Client – Backyard Cooking Recipe Book
Studio – Media Design School, Auckland New Zealand
Photography – Frank Bale and others